Just Be.

It starts with “just being.” To just be; do any of us know what that’s really like? To really sit and do nothing, to “just be?”

As I write this, I’m focusing on eating my salad, my phone is in front of me just in case someone sends me a text and I’m sitting at a table in my office at work, as people shuffle about. The idea of “just being,” seems so foreign to me. We live in a technology driven, multi-tasking world.

But as a step back, and think, this weekend, I experienced a rare moment of, “just being.”

We were in Florida. It was 6 am. My husband was flying his drone. And I stood at the Ocean’s edge, with no one around, watching the birds do their morning fish, the waves roar as they lapped at the shore and the fish swimming up and down with the waves.

In that moment, I felt the stillness, the just being, I felt God’s presence.  Just reflecting on that moment, I find myself breathing deeply at a slow relaxing pace, my body relax and my face loosen, with a smile. I need more moments like these.

In our chaotic, nonstop, always on the go and always plugged in world, we all need a moment like that.

When we’re at work, we need a moment like that. When our kids are running around, we need a moment like that, and between all of the above, plus some, we all need a moment like that.

I’m make it a goal of mine, once a day, no matter the time or place, to allow myself a moment like this. To allow myself to feel His presence. To feel His love. To feel my worth in Him. To hand over my trials and burdens, and “just be.”

What does your “just be” moment look like?






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