Well, it’s October in Texas and the only thing that has changed are the decorations outside homes and tourist attractions. The other day it was 97 degrees and I’m thinking while everyone is picking out barely-there Halloween Costumes, on Halloween night it’ll probably be 40 degrees, after all Texas is known for it’s unpredictable seasons.

Anyway, while the weather is busy being confused about what season to be, my husband and I have had some time for adventure and take advantage of when the temperatures have actually been pleasurable.

I decided to post a few of my photos from a few of my favorite places. I encourage you, where ever you live, to get out there and enjoy the nature around you. Learn about what we need to preserve and be thankful that these small elements of nature provide us the opportunity to live the life that we do.


Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Gardens-Dallas, Texas

Shanley Park-Granbury, Texas


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